Sunday, 13 December 2009


Kiss and Tell is the big game in town these days.. Rich men are at the mercy of a gossip hungry media and a feminised court system . Women who have no soul and dont even know how to spell integrity are happy to jump on the first media couch to tell all about being mistresses to famous and rich men for money. While their relationships with their paramours may not see them described easily as prostitutes , selling the story of sex surely must be.

It is the one thing in the past decade that has demeaned women more than any other social phenomenon - the kiss and tell kitten.

Now Tiger deserves a kicking for betraying his wife but no matter how many women he has poked - he is not in anyway on the same level as the bints who are telling the world all they know or telling the world all they think they want to know.

And todays Sunday Star Times carried a sad sordid wee tale of a similar ilk. Cactus did a considered piece on it sometime back

Take todays story about the poor wee princess who got dumped by her man and expects to be kept like a princess despite the fact the bloke decided to call time. No kids - and a marriage of three years - not long enough for the pint size pratski to have made any contribution to his already substantive fortune.

Now admittedly he was a bit of a sniveller when it come to manning up and telling his former bed mate that it was over . And we can understand why she wants to stay in his house - we have been there and its pretty flash - has its own beach and a bit of foreshore by all accounts.
However the snivelly wee thing reckons she is only taking him to the cleaners because of the way he ended the relationship.

Ending relationships is never tidy - its always messy , nearly always dramatic and inevitably painful.

So the Judge has decreed that while she sorts herself out she will get exclusive use of the foreshore mansion and $10k a month and for some ungodly reason her dental bills will be paid for. And she gets this payment for at least 6 months!

Wow - I bet all the widows out there would love if the state paid out a deal like that when their husbands unexpectedly dropped dead.

But lets turn things upside down here.

What if she had ended the relationship - would the court have ordered her to supply the one thing he probably still wanted that came with the relationship - SEX and a bit of eye candy on his arm?

Imagine in a non sexist world, a fair judge handing down this judgement-

Mrs Pretty but Dumb, you may well have decided to walk away from you husband but until he finds himself another squeeze he can demand a decent lay three times a week, two sleep overs and a blow job each following morning.

And he expects you to accompany him to dinner twice a week and be gracious to his guests. You are to wear the red Trelisse dress he bought you for your birthday to dinner and the Victoria Secret black negligee to bed on the night he chooses for sexual relations.

This order is binding until he finds himself a suitable substitute.

Nah -thats not going to happen so why does the judge think that this women deserves to be kept in the style she had suddenly become accustomed too? Cactus rightly argues that in this day and age - spousal maintenance is a crock. We couldn't agree more.

Its sexual discrimination at its worst.

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Heh, reminds me of Chris Rocks OJ stand-up routine.