Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Finally we may see an end to a very interesting saga.
It started here a long long time ago and has links to the infamous scampi scandal.
Phil Kitchin explored some of the issues. ( by the way - where is the bugger-?)

Even then we could see that this story, despite being extremely complicated, had legs. Today NBR in its subscriber only edition suggests that Justice Wilson is in a fairly untenable position after it was considered that his undisclosed business dealings could have led to bias in a particular case. At first the Supreme Court chucked it out then recalled its decision essentially on the basis that in light of new info they considered there was a case.
According to the NBR Attorney Gen Chris Finlayson is expected to make a statement tomorrow (Wednesday)

And well done Jock.


Stuart said...

Thanks RP
Again you break the news to the wider blogosphere. I knew I had to be on the look out for the story.
Once a news hound always a news hound even if you have jumped the fence to the dark side of PR.

Anonymous said...
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