Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Today on our way back from Auckland on flight 415 tonight we got out favourite " Koru Hour " treat. A couple of chunks of Kapiti cheddar and Camembert, three grapes and three plain water crackers.

Now we have always have a bit of trouble putting the cheese on the crackers - the slices of cheese are big - we estimate 6 crackers worth. So three is not tidy. Its a battle. First a big bite of cheese and then a nibble on the cracker - done delicately so it doesn't disintegrate. It is mildly entertaining to see if you can get thru the lilliputan feast with out getting crumbs everywhere.

So imagine our dismay and the dismay of some close by passengers, when we discovered the three cracker pack had suddenly been hit by the recession and was now a two cracker pack.

"What was the story?" - we asked the gooooorgeous purser Steve.... ( Actually we were delighted we had a reason to talk to him.. bootiful he is and funny. He's our favourite mile high trolly meister)

Well he said the two crackers pack came as a bit of a surprise to him as well.

We can understand if the airline skimped a bit on the cheese - after all its the expensive bit of the uppish market munchies but to deprive us of the third cracker is - so to speak - nuts.

We are going to ask the Airpoints Fairy to look into this mile high canape calamity as well..

We want our cracker back!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, I can remember in the days of the Lockheed Electra you were lucky if you could open the Air NZ bung'ole before it was time to land.

Chris Keall said...

Hold the front page. Air New Zealand is making an official statement to NBR shortly.

Chris Keall said...

Hold the front page - Air New Zealand is about to make an official comment to NBR.

SunflowerSouth said...

I know the reason - when I was on a flight the other day the cabin crew told me it wos because they had run out of the bags with three bicsuits, so they were handing out 2 bags of 2xbiscuits.

So as a bonus you currently get an extra cracker!!!!! great to go with the cheese and glass of pinot ;)

Chris Keall said...

Air New Zealand moves to diffuse Cracker-gate