Thursday, 3 December 2009


We are still drooling... We went to the Wellington trawlers new fish market on Lambton quay today and in the window was one of our favourite seafood treats. Hapuka throats and cheeks. $15.95 a kilo they are . There is bugger all bone in them and they were pinky fresh.. A young eastern European chick asked me what I was buying and I told her they were the best buy in the shop..
" Do they have bones,? she asked, yes we told her - but not many. She bought what I didn't. For $5 dollars we got enough to fill us to the gunnels.

I cut them up a bit and then chopped up a white onion finely , drizzled them in olive oil and some light herbs, then added a splash of water and a good grind of salt and pepper and then baked them quick in a hot oven.

The meat is unbelievably sweet and all gluey.

Absolute bliss...

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