Sunday, 6 December 2009


The Sunday Star Times is carrying a free advert today for one of the best financed animal extremist groups in the country - SAFE. Their mouthpiece Mike King, has become all self righteous over what he believes is "animal cruelty" - the sow crate, used to protect sows while they are farrowing ( pregnant) Pigs are notorious for rolling on their young and getting pretty vicious with each other when they are pregnant.

We have always wondered why the media give so much time to King who has convinced the public of New Zealand that he knew nothing about the conditions that pigs are kept in. Strange that his change of stance and sudden insights came on the back of the fact that his contract with the Pork Board came to an end.

Anyway back to the crap that the SST has belched out today.. As we said it is a free advert for an activist group that is well funded. So why didn't the paper give the same column inches space to the Pork Board? Like -where is the balance, the fairness, the accuracy? More importantly, where is the journalism? It is nothing more than a puffy advert for SAFE. no doubt the journo was all starry eyed drooling over the " celebs" they interviewed for the story.

And lets get back to thhe basis of this argument. Sows being kept in a small pen so they can't harm themselves or their piglets.

Picture this, a woman confined to bed
for the last few weeks of her pregnancy for say high blood pressure - she is not allowed to move apart from going to the toilet... It is done to give her the best chance. Same in the pork industry. Same reason, same treatment.

And we wonder if Mike King had turned up unannounced in the middle of the night at the maternity ward what the reaction would have been from pregnant mums?

They most likely would have become deeply upset, screamed, cried and probably injured themselves.

So whats the bloody problem? The problem is bad journalism, an easy story and celebrity who is could be argued had a snitch on with his former employer and now has got a serious case of selective piousness. Venal he is.

We will buy a bloody big ham this Christmas. We hope we can find a good New Zealand one.

We support New Zealand primary industries, Its not easy out there and we believe that they do a fantastic job of producing good food in a good way.

Get out there and do the same.


kehua said...

SAFE aka Anti-Vivesectionists are just a small group of predominently vegans they follow the beliefs of a sick puppy named Dr Peter Singer who amongst other things promotes the belief that sex between animals and humans will be accepted in 50/60 years time pretty much as homosexuality was in the 1990`s. By cunningly adopting the word safe and alighning themselves with the saving of animals they have an estimated income in excess of $300,000 annually. Do they pay Tax??I wonder. The list of fuckwits who endorse them ranges from `the idiots John Banks, John Campbell down to such well known animal welfare experts as the cast from Outrageous Fortune and a whole bunch of trash celebs and twobit actors/singers inbetween. Their credibility when it comes to Animal welfare is zilch and for some reason they seem immune to prosecution when performing their illegal, anarchistic activities.

Bosco said...

And in what condition are all the other pigs kept in?

Keeping Stock said...

Just another reason why the SST is prohibited reading in the Inventory whare. It long since abondoned any pretence of neutrality; one only has to read Finlay Macdonald's weekly anti-National rants (although one prefers not to!).