Monday, 7 December 2009


There was a bit of a taint to Fonterras moolah marketing campaign that TV3 followed up on tonight. Now its easy to see that they followed the letter of the law when it came down to the promotion but the spirit - the intent of the campaign wasn't. It is pretty easy to see that the competition was badly designed and manipulated. So the downside for Fonterra is that they will have left a bad taste with the budding milk consumers. The downside for the consumers is that Fonterra pretty much dominates the market so its not like a brand switch will do much damage.

The sad fact of this this saga is that Fonterra needs to position itself as the heart of New Zealands primary sector. Its the company we all want to be proud of. It needs to win the support of kiwi kids for the future.
This campaign failed the company and the country dismally on that count.


Cactus Kate said...

No free milk then for BB.

Cactus Kate said...

Why don't these parents teach them to save proper money?

Fabulous exercise on the availability of scarce resources.

All these kids in the TV3 report have a bloody computer. Hardly lower incomed. Could a low income family afford 180 bottles of milk? No.

More middle class, middle incomed blubbing. I blame welfare for families. Everyone has an entitlement mentality.