Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Seems our cuz Vaughn Fisher has been in the news again. This time in a mission that took him to iceberg country when he was asked to salvage a yacht drifting waaay down south.

Bluff fisherman Vaughan Fisher was contracted by Mr Luchtenborg's insurers to tow the stricken yacht Horizons back to Bluff.

Mr Fisher, Mr Luchtenborg and four crew left Bluff on Saturday afternoon on board Mr Fisher's 18m cray boat X.S.

Mr Luchtenborg said the salvors were to travel 500km from Bluff into the southeast Tasman Sea and his wife had been plotting where the yacht was drifting using GPS from Germany.

"It (Horizons) was very easy to find."

While he was elated to be reunited with his yacht, which he has owned for a year, it had sustained additional damage in the days since he abandoned ship, he said.

As well as the rudder damage, the yacht was carrying some water after being swamped by rough seas, its weather vane was broken and the automatic pilot system was damaged, he said.

He planned to stay in Bluff until parts arrived to repair the yacht before sailing for home, he said.

Mr Fisher said yesterday the salvage operation took an epic 50 hours and covered about 1000km – the furthest he had ever been to undertake a tow.

The crew spotted the yacht about 9.30pm on Sunday and had it under tow an hour and a half later.

Mr Luchtenborg wept when he first saw his yacht, but the tears were those of relief, Mr Fisher said.

"After checking his yacht he clambered back on board, gave us a big hug and was hollering in German.

And we salute Vaughn , he had delivered, to the parents of BustedBlonde, a polybin of crayfish to help them celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.
However it had the courier a bit perplexed.. Instead of the old mans name it had the correct street number and name but was addressed simply to "Mogoo."
Dad's nickname that has its origins in some bad ass comic character.. ( not to be mistaken for the myopic Mr Magoo

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