Tuesday, 18 May 2010


We love most of what the National government is doing but we dont love the ETS.
And it appears either do a lot of Nats. 

Its crap. simple. Really dumb. We hate it.  We want that on the record. And we want it known that we think its the dumbest idea since well, this for starters...

anyone got a better dumbest idea?


Keeping Stock said...

We're nodding in agreement BB. Tomorrow morning we're joining the National Party again, and we're going to do a bit of lobbying - from within. We really can't get our head around why Key is so determined to go ahead with the ETS; it defies logic.

pdm said...

I sent Craig Foss an email this morning protesting the ETS. I am not a party member but have met Craig and he knows me by name.