Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Its 6am in the morning - we have been up since 4.52 exactly. We are on the Wairarapa train and all we have had is a cup of coffee. Hunger is lurking like a growly old tiger.

Funny thing is the first tweet that popped up this morning was one for what we think must be the worst god awful extreme junk food recipe we have ever seen.

Its like a big lump of McDonalds on steroids.

Is that not the ugliest thing you ever saw? Well apart from Ruth Dyson..

In fact it could be used as a murder weapon for someone with a dicky ticker.

This mornings blog is especially for Mark - a man who does know good food and wine.


alex Masterley said...

Want a wine match, try Muller Thurgau or Blue Duck!
or better still Asti Spumanti!

MikeE said...

pffft thats nothing, try Epic Meal time... now thats Maccas on steriods