Friday, 11 March 2011


We were glad the PM came out today and kicked Peter Bills arse for touch.

Bills reckons that the IRB will want the games played somewhere else.

We reckon at least one game - maybe a very special game, at least, can be played in Christchurch.

While there are people who would not have a bar of being in Christchurch we think there are many who would jump at the chance.

It is one hour by plane to anywhere from Christchurch, Air New Zealand haulled thousands of people out of Christchurch following the quake.

We also think that there are many people who would go to Christ church to watch a game just to say that they had been there. Remember Richie isn't going anywhere. Brad Thorne is staying.

There were thousands of Brits who travelled in motorhomes for the Lions tour - they are well used to chemical toilets. So no big dramas there. And there are thousands travelling in motorhomes foor RWC 2011.

Christchurch would offer a different unique one off experience for rugby nuts. The "been there got the tee shirt" type of mentality.

And then there are the top end rugby fanatics who travel round the country in helicopters and in some cases private jets. Then there are the cruise ship possibilities as well. It needs a creative person to pull together the options and a whizz on the organisation front to make it happen.

The majority of those coming for the Rugby World cup are coming here not to see our country - they are here to watch the rugby.

It really comes down to one thing. If there is a will to have rugby played in Christchurch - those in charge will find a way.

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