Friday, 25 March 2011


The leftie loons think that the Darren Hughes Affair is a Right Wing  Honey Trap Plot..

This on someones Facebook page.....

Is the Darren Hughes affair a covert American style (National Party) sting?
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    • roflomao!!!!!!!!!!!! you silly bint
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    • Geoff Lealand It would be reassuring to think so but it is probably just a foolish moment.
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    • Sumner Burstyn of course a foolish moment but is anyone investigating the complainant? I'd like to know. Was he set up, exploit a weak moment - it smells very much a Republican style set-up.
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Sad really that people could even think that..  So National ,who have a recession, an earthquake, an unstable global economy, the Middle East rocking and rolling and the West Coast still reeling from an awful mining accident - apparently  have the time to indulge in setting up a yet to be proven politician in the opposition party??
The Honey Trap using Swallows  were the stuff of legend  in the days when spies really were spies and a poke from an umbrella meant you were dead.

Hughes and Goff are in a sticky mess but its been of their own making. And as for Goffs future? Gone by next week. But Parker as the next leader ???  Wow  Joe Ninety  is even more colourless and souless than Goff.

If there really is a right wing plot its been perpetrated on Labour by the Tartan Mafia of Dunedin. Parker is their man and they are not socialists.


maxx said...

I think Sumner Burstyn has a point, the whole thing has Sarah Palin's fingerprints all over it.

Anonymous said...

I blame the chemtrails