Thursday, 31 March 2011


It seems there are a few people in the travel industry following the Silver Oaks saga. Including Travelbug the Trademe travel booking site.

They have just tweeted us and have given us a $150 voucher! Thats way better service that we got from

Now thats how you win friends and influence people. The voucher will go to mum and dad who suffered the most at Hotel Hell. Just told mom and dad and they are really happy. These days they make frequent trips to Dunedin as dad needs a bit of attention from some kidney specialists and sometimes they are too tired to make the return journey from Dunedin to Alexandra. So a nites stay will be very welcome.

My parents know how to rough it - we all head to the remote muttonbird islands in a few weeks where we will have a long drop for a toilet, and no hot running water and a coal range for heating and eating in a little tiny place. But it is spotless. Mum is a stickler for cleanliness - Janola is her best friend. They have travelled throughout the country extensively but they reckon Silver Oaks is the crappiest place they have stayed.

Thanks Travelbug for making my parents very happy!

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