Monday, 14 March 2011


Trade me , it appears is being concilitaory over the pricing of our Mad Rooter Ram - MR.

Currently you have to pay $10 to list a sheep and a $29 success fee if you sell him. All very well when its a valuable woolly stud muffin but when its a smell old rooter ram that is at best worth $60 - then the pricing is out of kilter.

So you can read the tail of the Mad Rooter here - but we are pleased to report that now it seems that Trademe is happy to consider a " one off " deal for our fine fecund fellow.

And Trade Me have also shown some degree of humour in their reply

Hi ,

Thanks for contacting us.

The pricing of our listing fees is not determined by the end sale price, age or smell of the animal.

We have a set category in which all animals must be sold in. I too can understand your view on this situation, however there is no other category in which you will be able to list your ram.

Where possible Trade Me is happy to make exceptions however in some cases it isn't always possible simply because of where an item needs to be listed.

Let me know much would you like to pay to list your ram and I will see what I can do for you.



Trade Me Support


Our conversation so far:

Hi Look i can understand how this come about - there are people who sell flocks of sheep . I only want to sell one smelly old ram. Who will only fetch about $60.

But even you must agree $29 to sell something that is worth $60 is just wrong

I dont think that this was an intended consequence of the change to the prices and Trademe has a reputation for being fair. So can you tell me what you are doing to fix this situation?


So we will suggest that a price similar to the normal Trademe success fee cost of 7.5% ($4-50) would be fine.

To list Mad Rooter on Trademe will cost $10 so thats $14.50 total to sell something worth $60. So the total cost is around 24%

We will let you know how we get on.

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