Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Cactus has been seething for a few days over the blithering and hand ringing by a few lefties.
Now Cactus does have a heart - you can find it beating pretty strongly under her designer faux fur coat. And she has proved it again today with a stunning column on Welfare and what it is and what it means for Key to get the whole Christchurch rebuild solution right.

We agree with her on every damn point she makes. And she makes them with conviction. so far everything we have seen gives us confidence that this government is the right administration to get Christchurch and as Cactus says the rest of the economy sorted.

New Zealanders are a pretty hardy bunch - sure some of us have got a bit soft living in our mini McMansions sipping lattes or glugging pinot. but we can rise to this extreme challenge.

The left always think that those on the centre right and right of the political spectrum don't care - a repugnant and offensive notion.
In fact there isn't a person in this country who can stand up and say that the governments reaction to the Christchurch earthquake is anything but caring, considered and compassionate.

The speed of the government machine to react to this crisis has been a testament to good management and a desire to ensure that everyone in Christchurch is supported as much as possible.

Hardly the reactions of an "uncaring right wing administration."

The Left can claim no moral high ground if it has already been taken and to date the National Government has shown that it cares very very much for the people of Canterbury.

We will be relying on the government to do everything it can support the rebuild of the commercial hub of Christchurch. Supporting businesses to get back on their feet is the only way forward and already the Government has prioritised support to small and medium businesses.

To date their response is almost flawless. Unlike the dribbling on of the left - which is just plain flaky.

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Cactus Kate said...

Sorry the last two purchases haven't been faux fur. But I'm sure the animals were already dead when found by the hunters. Natural causes.