Wednesday, 23 March 2011


New Zealand is now firmly entrenched as one of the worlds leading producers of great wines.

New Zealand is now a must visit destination for wine lovers of the world.
Even today Martinborough Pinot Noir - trumped some of the leading and much more expensive wines in a blind tasting in Pasadena California.

We think it is in the South Island that some of our greatest vinos are being produced.

And there is an innovation and an adventurous spirit in our winemakers that sees them experiment and create new taste sensations.

Some of our favourites:

They are but a few of best of New Zealand has on offer

Our vineyards are small, each vine lovingly tended and the wines are crafted with an artisans touch.

Try out the Wooing Trees Blanc de Noir "Blondie" and fall in love with its sophisticated sassiness.

Or Seresins finely crafted and delicate Pinot Gris, a wine to talk about and with.

Or Carricks off dry Riesling - A good wine with shellfish.

And for a cold day quaffer try the blended red "Robert the Bruce" from Olssens.

The vineyards themselves are places to visit and tarry a while.

Artisan food production is starting to grow as our country seeks to match its good food with our stellar wine.

Try our cheeses - Gibbston, Whitestone and Neudorf are three that have been created to match the wines of their regions. Our favourite is the Neudorf Richmond red.

There are now wine regions tucked into many corners of the South Island - all good all worth a visit and all waiting for you to call, say hello, drink a bit, talk a bit eat a bit, and drink a bit more.

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