Wednesday, 23 March 2011


There are many ways to travel New Zealand but to get a feel for the land and its people - hiring a van or camper is the best way to go.

The time is yours - you choose the journey the pace and the places. Nothing is better at finding the nooks and crannies of the South Island than a motorhome.

I have travelled the length and breadth of the South Island with my parents, living off the land seeing something new - no matter how frequent a road is travelled.

Some of our favourite places are the most remote. Jacksons Bay is a remote fishing village tucked away in the South West corner of New Zealand. Seals and fishermen fight it out to call it home. Try the famous fish and chips from the old caravan there - there is none better . Close your eyes as you eat and taste the sea.

A trip around the South Island means that you can end up parked up for the night under a wind sheltering hillock next to a vast lake, like Tekapo with no one in sight. The world feels like yours alone as you wander to the shore and see your reflection in the chilly turquoise waters.

Or you can buddy up with others and go on a great adventure as we have done many times.
Hanging out, fishing, walking, drinking damn fine wine made with an artisans tender touch. Cooking simple meals of trout, salmon, flounders from the coast, mussels from the rocks and eels from the rivers.

All along the highways and byways are people offering their home produce for you to buy.

Take a trip - take it slowly and you will feel your heart rate drop and your head clear.

Only problem you might have is calling the next day your last day in New Zealand.

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