Friday, 25 March 2011


We use the shortened version of the word pokokohua (Hua) a bit. Its a well used southern curse of the vilest kind. Its a bit like saying motherf**king C**t - it invokes a sense of outraged gravitas that lends punch to a decent insult.

As a child, we once got a smack for using it.

So it seems that Outspoken Nga Puhi fella David Rankin is a bit hoha at Marama Davidison, a human rights commissioner calling him the Maori equivalent of a C**t.

He is right to be outraged and he is right to take Ms Davidson to task. After all, if she had called him a c**t then white people would be outraged.

So in her capacity as an arbiter of moral decency, Ms Davidson has no right to be flinging around insults about people who do not espouse what are obviously her strong left wing views.

So good on Rankin for calling her out.

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Anonymous said...

What a load of kaka, David Rankin = Media Slut. Such a thin skin, for one who likes to dish it out so thickly to others.

Davis Rankn:"Sometimes, these arseholes need to know, you open your mouth on Facebook and I'm going to punch you out." David Rankin: Violent Sexist pig threatening a women with violence, Rankin "has no credibility but has mastered the art of the press release."