Thursday, 7 April 2011


Well we hinted at some issues within Maori Fish interests. Someone has laid down some pieces of the puzzle..

Anyone else out there who has more? Will iwi see the great Sealords deal skelatonised like a filleted Hoki?

Codename 'Mata' - concerted effort from some Maori fisheries 'leaders' to give the Japanese more fisheries assets for no greater control of Sealord. Here Nissui-san, please have some more of our assets... The relationship with Nissui has never delivered the promised benefits back to iwi and one wonders of the idiocy of those in control about this deal. Shane Jones will no doubt be in support though... Another nail in the coffin of the collective model. 2016 - give the assets back to iwi; many will lose them but at least it will be through their own incompetence, not the incompetence of a bunch of nobodys.
By Anonymous on WHY SUBSIDISE THE UBER WAKA? on 4/7/11


Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

Maori own a 50% shareholding in Sealord: the other half is owned by Japanese company Nissui, a major shareholder in Japan's Antarctic whaling fleet!
You may well think it's a little incongruous for maori, supposed self-appointed guardians of the environment, to be working in partnership with whale butchers. You may well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical Norgate business plan doesn't it? And the continuation of the 'we need to take over Sanfords' strategy... Nissui must be cracking themselves up over this.