Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Arbitrary Vector

When I was in the Middle East I asked my Arab friends why they do not do more to control their terrorists. They looked thoroughly pissed off and asked why we in the West do not do more to control our criminals. It’s a fair point and one I had not pondered until then. We don’t know yet if Norway’s gunman is a lunatic, a criminal or a terrorist. And, it won’t matter to his victims how we define him. What we do know is that efforts to control such horrors are Sisyphean by nature. How do you find a solution to an arbitrary vector with no boundary conditions specified.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Seems he's a lone madman anti Mozzie nutter.

O/T but my AV software just picked up and killed a trojan horse which I think came in when I logged on to roarprawn. Described as:

Lambcut said...

Yup Adolf, it does appear he is that. But the problem is not what sort of nutter he happens to be, it's how we find and stop the next one.

I have noticed the techie glitch and will alert Busted Blonde.

CW said...

I would like to see who people define as being a terrorist these days. Truly awful events in Norway.

TangataWhenua got hit. They've just been cleaned up and are back on line bug free this morning.

Anonymous said...

An incident like this opens up a can of worms, read Lindsay Mitchell's blog, reveals some social situations that have been festering on the back burner.