Friday, 15 July 2011


We have had a rethink on Hones affirmation speech to parliament - note to self - dont blog til have all the facts.

We only saw a snippet of the telecast of Hone's swearing in and thought that it was because he was speaking Te Reo that got Lockwood all grumpy. But it wasn't he was trying to swear allegiance to the Treaty and the dispossessed.

Anyway we watched Te Karere this morning and Scotty asked Hekia what she thought of Hone's grandstanding.

She put it simply - Marae all over the country have different protocols and its respectful to abide by them. Parliament is a big Marae. There are protocols and Hone should follow them as he would expect people to follow them on his Marae.

and Tariana said the same

However, she did not condone Mr Harawira's actions. She said she would be deeply offended if someone visited her marae and sought to impose their own tikanga [customs.]

"It was a deliberate act. I think it's called stunt politics - you do it because you know you're going to get attention from it."

So Hone expects us to be be nice in his house but is content to shit in ours.


Mriihika said...

Following that same reasoning, when Pakeha first came to Aotearoa they should have followed Maori protocols. The fact they didn't is the root cause of most of the current discontent. Most Maori aren't too fired up about so-called rights or money. What really upsets us is arrogance like Corrections making up their own rules for a powhiri but getting it wrong and offending both Maori and Pakeha in the process. Who are they to tell us what our own tikanga should be! Councils do it too, and museums and historians aren't blameless either.

Anonymous said...

Mriihika. What exactly do you mean when you say 'when Pakeha first came to Aotearoa they should have followed Maori protocols'? Did Tasman get his mihi wrong or something? Maybe Cook thought the kawa was tu mai tu atu instead of paeke and spoke at the wrong time? What in heavens name are you talking about?

Also keen to know when you were appointed national spokes person for 'most maori' re your line 'what really upsets us...'. I don't recall voting for or against you. I'll put money down you're the first to howl about 'self appointed iwi leaders' eh.