Thursday, 28 July 2011


This morning’s Dom report of 160 passengers allegedly wrongfully detained in Wellington airport by Pacific Blue is a shocker. The same situation occured on a Qantas flight I was on from Deli a few years ago. Let me tell you, I have never flown Qantas again. Adding insult to injury to affected passengers, they only detained those in economy class. Fortunately, I was flying business class on that occasion but was horrified on behalf of my fellow travellers. The poor buggers looked and smelt like the living dead when we were finally all herded onto an available plane the next day. I understand India has tidied up its act in recent times with regard to its treatment and processing of travellers. New Zealand appears to be going backward. It’s unacceptable in an OECD country so dependent on its tourist industry. Pacific Blue appears to regard its passengers as cattle. An airline to be avoided. And, where were Wellington Airport's staff and systems.

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