Saturday, 2 July 2011


We grew a selection of pumpkins last summer. This was the biggest  - it was a whopper, but it was a the only pumpkin to be produced on the vine.  We had a range of pumpkins but this is undoubtedly the best.
We bought the plants from the woman who sells herbs, pumpkins and tomato plants at the Wairarapa car boot market in Masterton on a Sunday.  We will buy this pumpkin again. It beats my other favourite pumpkin variety the kumi kumi, hands down. Despite the lack of quanity  being the only one - it makes up for it in taste and texture - it really is a  fabulous tasting pumpkin - sweet and juicy  - very similar to an orange kumara. Roasting it intensifies the flavour and adds a lovely richness.  

We roasted it in olive oil, golden syrup (as we didnt have any dark honey) and smoked salt which we combined and applied as a paste.   

The Smoked salt is one of our favourite ingredients. It really brings out the flavour of this pumpkin 

So our soup recipe is 

  • The roast pumpkin mashed 
  • A sweated onion
  • Sage leaves fried till crispy,
  • Hazelnuts fried in olive oil till brown 
  • chicken stock (  we used our own) to get the consistency you want 
  •  good Parmesan cheese
  •  creme fraiche 
  • cumin 
  • Cayenne pepper 

Combine the pumpkin, onion and the stock, puree. Season. 

Serve with dollop of creme fraiche topped with parmesan, hazelnuts and  crumbled sage leaves. 


gravedodger said...

Dry some seeds and send them down to Alex.
If they are that good don't put them in the compost bin.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Once had pumpkin and pernod soup which was (obviously) highly memorable.

Do you do a chowder you could post on? Had great chowder at Martinborough Hotel and the award-winning Greytown deli last weekend (slightly too curried) and am hanging out for some more.