Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Its bloody obvious that Don Brash has jumped the shark by concentrating on Maori issues this election.

The number one issue is the economy and Brash has put just one elongated piece of Perigo waffle out yesterday about inflation. Thats the big brain hit. Or miss. Today he's back on his eurocentric, paternalistic monologue on whats good for Maori. And instead of telling Maori to look forward he has told them to look back.

Maori don't vote ACT, they don't want to stand for ACT and they definitely don't want to be associated with Don Brash.

We reckon a lot more vote National now but thats cos National has frilly pink knickers on these days.

In fact Brash is so hated that Willie Apiata could be #1 on the ACT list and Maori still wouldn't vote ACT. Instead they would just lift their skirts or drop their trous and give Brash a look see at the hairy brown eyeball.

So in the interests of political enlightenment I gave Cactus a call about the Brash's latest stunt. I wanted to know what she thought about Brash hugging the crap out of Apirana Ngata's tombstone.

Ngata died in 1950 so he's Brash's perfect Maori running mate for ACT. He can't talk back cos he is dead. He wont tell Brash he is wrong and we know Brash likes being associated with Brown people - his wife is Asian and as Winston Peters reckons Asians are just Maori who stayed north of the equator. So Brash the living cadaver - wants to resurrect the corpse of the great man and because Brash has made so many cock ups -a dead person is all he has left to offer up as a candidate.

Cactus has been prickly lately because she's having to say "no comment" to journos. When Cactus refuses to comment on issues we are pretty sure it means she is livid.

I've known Cactus long enough to be one of the few people in the world with permission to call her before 10am. So I did and told her of Brash's latest stroking of Ngata's tombstone. "Too fucking busy" was her muted answer.The ungrateful bitch hung up in my ear.

We suspect in Dorothy Parker fashion that in fact she aint busy unless you count finding nubile men to entertain her at 2am in the morning as busy.

Brash claims Ngata would be Leader of ACT if he was alive today.

Cactus I know can't comment but reckon she will be all alone in a foetal position clutching a teddy bear for comfort in response to this latest fuckwittery by Brash.

Brash is right - to a point - Ngata loathed the fact that Maori had become addicted to welfare. He did believe in self reliance but he also had some pretty lefty views as Michael Bassett points out in his review of Ranginui Walkers book on Ngata.

Hell WTF??? Special state funding for development schemes ? That would go down a treat in the ACT manifesto.

So Brash finally thinks that he has found the perfect running mate - but it seems that he has picked the wrong dead Maori to epitomise ACT ideals of minimal state intervention.

Brash has to go. And we will be counselling Cactus against having anything to do with the the crazy batty old coot.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I cannot but agree.

Bract will go down in a heap come Nover and MP will prosper.

Anonymous said...

Cactus did take a very good kick at silly John Ansell on his way out the door though http://asianinvasion2006.blogspot.com/2011/07/moata-on-maorification.html

Marty Mars said...

Yes good post. brash has shown us how low some people will go - and it's very low indeed. The gnats have done the deal in Epsom, so I expect brash to be back after the election - things will get even nastier then.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Marty Mars

No, I don't think things will get nastier.

Dr Brash won't get with a bulls roar of finance and he'll be left to twiddle his thumbs on the sidelines. There is no way National is going to allow any serious fiscal influence to be held by a person who has been deemed accurately as 'an extremist.'

Marty Mars said...

Well adolf I disagree - the deal will be the deal and within that will be plenty of devils. I'd put $2 on brash getting a significant ministerial post after the election - assuming that Epsom aren't sick of being treated like a bad joke, that is.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


He may get a ministerial post but the closest he will get to finance is to replace the boufant cowlick and suffer the ignoniny of having the revenue portfolio.

There he can ponder ways to generate gummint income and fulminate, while others less extreme, deal with the real issues involving expenditure.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was a Maori.........
I have been wondering about why only Whites are racists,
but no other race is...... so I got to thinking

Maori call me a ‘Pakeha’, [Pa = village, keha = flea, vermin ]
'Whitey’, ‘Honky’ and ‘Redneck’ and that's OK,
but if I call you Hori, you call me a racist.
(I was told "Pakeha" as an entire word means "stranger"!Not white man).

You have a race based Maori Political party, special Maori
only parliamentary seats and Maori can stand as a candidate
in any parliamentary electorate in New Zealand but white
people cannot stand for a Maori seat or be on the Maori
roll or a member of the Maori Party. You have ‘3 bites at
the same electoral cherry’. White people have only one
and yet you still say you are dis-advantaged. If I complain
you call me a red neck racist.

You have a race based Maori caucus in parliament which
includes the Maori members from all parties. It concerns
itself with protecting and advancing Maori values, not party
political values. If whites or any other ethnic group had a
multi party parliamentary caucus that dealt with the advancement
of its own race or for whites only, and not politics we would
be called racist.

You also want to appoint your own representation on Local
bodies and demand the granting of special seats or privilege.
If not granted you scream racism. Yet Maori can be elected
just the same as any person from any race. If there were seats
on any local body that were just for whites only there would
be great cries of racism.

You have a flag of your own, which you insist be recognised
and flown alongside the flag of our country.
This illustrates your separateness and division from the rest
of New Zealanders. If a white person flew and demanded
recognition of a competitive flag for New Zealand, it would
be tantamount to Treason.

There are a number of openly proclaimed Maori schools and
Colleges in New Zealand. Maori colleges and high schools
specifically for Maori students. Yet if there were 'Whites
Only colleges', they would be racist colleges.
If whites had scholarships, college funds and Trusts that
only gave white students Scholarships, you know they’d be racists.

You expect whites and other New Zealanders to ignore your
special tax payer funded educational institutions and when
we complain or say you should teach your language and
culture in the home as other races do you call us racists.

Who pays for the running of Maori colleges? If whites
objected to their taxes going to pay for them they would
be called racist. If white people had their own schools
and colleges they would be called elitist racists

You have Government funded race based Kohango Reo’s
[pre-schools] to teach your race your own language and
even have transport to pick the children up. If any other
race asked for the taxpayer to fund the teaching of only
their own language, or transport to take their children to
pre-school they would be laughed at and called racist.

You have Maori Health Services. Special organisations
within the taxpayer funded public health system which
are run by Maori for only Maori. If whites asked for such
special and separatist privileges from the health services
they would be racists.

You have a Maori TV channel funded by the New Zealander
taxpayer. If there was a Whites only TV or if whites said
Maori should fund their own TV, they would be called racists.

You also have your own Te Reo TV channel which broadcasts
solely in Maori. Of the 14 free to air Freeview TV channels
Maori have two of them and yet there are also Maori language
programs and news on the main network channels such as
TV One and TVNZ 7. If we consider that an over representation
of a language that the rest of us don’t want to learn,
we are called racists.

End Part 1

Anonymous said...

If we had any organisations, schools, trusts, and governmental
groups TV stations, etc for whites only to advance OUR lives,
we'd be racists.

A white woman cannot be Maori sportswoman of the year,
but any race can be New Zealand sportswoman of the year.
A white person cannot be in the Maori All blacks or any
Maori sporting team, but any colour can be in the All Blacks
or any New Zealand sports team. This separatism is decidedly
racist but if a white person comments on it they are labelled
racist... The fact that we have a Maori Allblack team is as racist
as is any race based sports team can be but if there was a whites
only Allblack team or any other whites only sports team it
would be considered blatantly racist.

You say the whites commit as much violence as you do.
So why are the Maori parts of town the most dangerous
places to live? Why are the jails so full of Maori?
Why are so many children killed and bashed by Maori.
But when I say that Maori are a violent people you call me a racist.

You rob us, convert our cars, rape our women and bash
our elderly. But, if a white police officer shoots a Maori or
a Maori gang member, or assaults a Maori criminal running
from the law and posing a threat to society, you scream racism.

You are proud to be Maori and you're not afraid to announce it,
even though you may not be full Maori, but part Maori, or even
only ‘trace element’ Maori, but when we announce our white
pride, you call us racists.
Why is it that only whites can be racists?

There is nothing improper about this e-mail. It’s all true and
illustrates that it’s time we started to pressure all politicians
to eliminate special race based privilege and parliamentary
seats based on race.

Stop giving Maori special privilege and treat them the same
as any white person, Chinese, Asian, Indian or Pacific Islander..

There are many races that live in New Zealand, all were alien
initially, now there are many minorities and if we don’t learn
to stand up and stop privilege being accorded to any one
particular group, the next group to start wanting separatist
rules, favouritism and privilege will be alien religious groups.

The great gravy train, a.k.a the Waitangi grievance Industry,
has hopefully nearly finished it's work of judging events of
160 years ago through today’s eyes and making compensation
awards in today’s money so now is the time to stop and ask:
Do we want a privileged group enjoying special favour for
no rational reason, or do we want racial equality in New Zealand
with fairness and equal privilege for all.

There is nothing improper about this e-mail......... so let's see
which of you care enough to send it on.
Think about this ... If you don't want to forward this for fear
of offending someone – THEN YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

It's not a crime to be white YET.. but it's getting very close!

Marty Mars said...

hey anon - 'white' isn't a race - back to the darkened room to try again with your idiotic list.

Anonymous said...

Where do you start in replying to Anon 21 July. It's staggering that flat earthers like him/her still exist in this day and age. I could write a list as long rebutting everything he/she said. But I've got better things to do. I advise we not make any sudden movements or loud noises eh. And Anon 21 July - keep finger painting on the walls alright.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Anon 6.54am. We need to abolish the Maori seats and end seperatism forever.


Mort said...

Didn't Ranginui Walker write that the Maori concept of future was to look behind (muri), on the basis that human interactions tend to repeat so the future although unknown is more likely to be seen from the past (mua)?

Anon: the Keha in Pa-keha means pale skin.

The justification for 4 Maori seats in 1867 was that Maori as landowners deserved representation in Parliament like every other landowner. The injustice element is argued in that the amount of land or population if proportionately derived should have nearer to 40 seats. Indeed things have reversed today and Maori are over represented in proportionality in Parliament, because of the Maori seats. So some would argue that the imbalance or over representation now is a form of redress for failure to treat representation on equal terms in 1867.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21 July. Go fuck yourself pokokohua!

Anonymous said...

Anon Part 1 and 2- go back to your 6 pack of DB or whatever, or what you smoke.
The reality is that we are just seeing the really dark side of MMP. Political parties are becoming quite sophisticated in using or abusing MMP to their own ends rather than the needs of the wider electorate. Southern boy, David Parker, is joining the the Epsom race, just to put votes on the board for Labour and his own security.
Let us hope Epsom will be a demonstration that MMP is not the political voting system we need

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter about just being a sensible and decent person does it?
Nope, gotta be a maori first.
Unbelievable attitude really, appalling when I really think about it. My race never crosses my mind. You lot have it in the front of all your thinking.
Now give me any example from history where institutional racial or ethnic (for marty) division/privilege has had a positive outcome for humanity.
Martin Luther King would be an ACT member as well if he were alive.