Thursday, 14 July 2011


What a debacle - There was something oddly spooky when poor old Hone Harawiras korowai cloak fell off as he walked into parliament.

Shows his shoulders aren't big enough.

It is an emblem of status and quite frankly we reckon the Gods have spoken.

As for him saying his affirmation in Maori - who gives a shit? Maori is an official language of this country. That no lee way was given just shows how archiac the institution of parliament really is.

Hone didnt fit the Cloak and he doesn't fit in parliament.

But Parliament needs to change to be more reflective of who we are.


B.S. said...

I think Hone is a whining dickhead who doesn't deserve any airtime. I do agree with his refusal to swear allegiance to an English queen. Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden & Brian Tamaki all require(d) personal oaths of allegiance , it is wrong to swear to serve a un-elected head of state of a foreign country . I am not sure swearing an oath to serve the treaty of waitangi makes any more sense.

Anonymous said...

Worth noting that Mr Harawira is allowed to read the oath in te reo- he is not, however, allowed to change the wording of the oath under the rules of parliament.