Monday, 11 July 2011


The New Zealand Seafood industry gasped in shock when Sealords announced it had sold its mussel farms to Sanfords for 34 mil back in 2009. The price was considered a steal and Maori worried that the company was selling off the family silver.
The company like many others in the industry retrenched.
Today the new manager of Sealords Graham Stuart reckons that its time to get back into Aquaculture.

Maybe. We are pleased to see the man at the wheel of the good ship Sealord speak so positively and set the course for some new acquisitions.

However there is a still general concern over the Moana Pacific deal which would see MP folded into Sealords . That essentially means that Sealords partners Nissui would end up with a good portion of New Zealands innovative inshore industry for 2 tenths of bugger all.

So we will continue to keep a weather eye on Maori Fisheries interests as should all iwi.

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Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

As half of Sealord is owned by Nissui (a major shareholder in Japan's Antarctic whaling fleet) - and as Sealord is happy to be partners in strip-mining the low stocks of Antarctic toothfish - we should be doing alot more than just "keeping an eye" on them.
We should boycott their products until they only catch sustainable stock, AND get out of bed with the Nasty Nippons!
It's a little incongruous for maori, supposed self-appointed guardians of the environment, to be working in partnership with whale butchers and ocean rapists.