Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The Ministry of Economic Development has now, seemingly, ventured into the business of movie making. It’s made a little movie, apparently aimed at private industry, about how to tender on GETS, the Government Electronic Tendering System. Michael Osborne, Senior Procurement Analyst features in the little movie. He has the screen presence of a radish. The little movie, embedded here for your viewing convenience, is deathly boring, is aimed at a very low level, and is unlikely to circulate widely on that basis. In any event, the same information should be on the GETS website, in text, without the expense to taxpayers of MED’s rather uninspiring movie efforts. Tendering through GETS is an onerous, time consuming and complex task at the best of times. If you need to view a How To video you are excessively unlikely to have the capacity to win a government tender. Perhaps MED would be better to make a movie on the efficient use of taxpayer funding.

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