Wednesday, 13 July 2011


We knew that Cactus is a dead cert to end up on the ACT party list. Yesterday, the party used a time worn strategy to shift the focus away from a steaming heap of crap - aka the Ansell bash a Maori campaign. That is the: "hey look over here we have this cool dude who everyone likes who is going to stand for us at the next election called Don Nicolson" strategy.

Today ace reporter Derek Cheng started asking questions about the possible inclusion of the blondes Cactus Kate and Christine Rankin and former ACT president Catherine Issac on the candidate list.

We hope Isaac will stand but her bloke is a bit crook so we will understand if she doesnt but Rankin is narcissistic enough to want to have a crack.

She has an enduring belief in her own self worth that cant be dented.

So what will Rankin bring? Well not a lot of intellectual rigour - smarts aren't her strong suit - unlike her amazing legs- but she does have an ear for what is bugging the public and the courage to carry through with a cause.

She is sort of a scoldy old lipstick and gin slinging aunty version of Gareth McVicar.

But if there are any marriages that a bit wobbly in the Act camp then look at - she has seen more roots than a Pakaranga salon on a Saturday.

Still if they bring on the blonde troika of Odgers, Rankin and Isaac they will carry the day for ACT and it means that ACT can get rid of that awful ginga - Hillary Calvert.

Blondes are good - we like blondes at Roarprawn - the Brunette is brown on top but she is brassy underneath. And she knows a good blonde when she sees one.

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B.S. said...

Is that 'blond bombshell' as in a lethal weapon that will explode the crusty remnants of old suited farts into dust ?