Saturday, 9 July 2011


We have never treated our soldiers as well as our Australian neighbours. Our ancestors fought side by side in many battles over the decades but somehow we are reluctant to pay homage to the men of another time who fought for freedom.

So yet again we see our nation fall short of what we would expect to be given to our living heroes.

Our oldest soldiers whose memories still burn bright with the terrible tragedy and heartache of war have been treated as second class citizens on a trip to Europe to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the battle of Crete.

We do not feel any animosity towards Wayne Mapp who traveled on the trip as a Minister should . But there is no excuse for not according the old soldiers the same respect and status as Australian soldiers.

We would have been glad to see some of our hard taxpayer earned dollars going to the soldiers to make the trip a good memory.

There are so few left who fought in those great battles, so the cost would have been piffling.

They are our nations heroes - they were great men of their time and even today the least we owe them is our gratitude for the sacrifice they made for us.

May this insult never happen again. While they remain proud - we feel the shame of our country that has not shown these great but humble men the respect they deserve.

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