Thursday, 4 August 2011


We have been watching the lycra lads Mallard and Whale Oil shape up for the New Zealand Tour de Auckland. Cactus is putting up $1000 dollars ( she has been off the grog so thats equivalent of her spending money for a couple of days) to the winner.

We cant help but be in. We still have 62 bottles of Veuve cliquot in storage. So we are taking out the magnum and will give that to the winner - We reckon that there is a fair chance that Cactus could be here for the race. She likes skinny blokes in tight shorts – although its a big stretch to call Whale Skinny. He calls me fat – but he is definitely at the lard arse end of chubby.

And its time that Mr David Farrar dipped into his savings and put a buck up as well.

And yes we reckon that Cactus will be here for the race because its about the same time as the ACT selection . So if she comes back she will have the rights to hand over the magnum to the winners – as sadly - we are attending to matters of great import and cannot be in Auckland for the Wheely big Challenge.


Minor right-wing blogger said...

Me too!!!

Cactus Kate said...

Lycra? Icky

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Cactus getting all excited over Duck vs Whale... hardly an Apiata or Ronaldo or... well, you get my point.