Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Colin Craig: Turning Housewives into Whores ?

The Conservative Party of New Zealand recently spammed letterboxes in (conservative) parts of Auckland with their tasty policy treats. One of these sweeties is a proposal to offer money to stay at home mums.

Don't we already pay mums to stay at home ? It's called the DPB. Yes but those are solo mums.

What about solo mums that work ? They get Working For Families tax credits.

What about mums who are in a relationship and work ? They get WFF'.

So we are left with stay at home mums whose partners work . Don't they get get WFF ?

Colin Craig and his group of solid family citizens want to give more taxpayers money to people who are already getting it. Love to see how they will pay for that boondoggle. Pop across to Facebook and tell him he is being a plonker( as several people already have). Fortunately the Conservative Party of New Zealand will get into parliament when Romania wins the Rugby World Cup.

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