Saturday, 6 August 2011


We have been in Christchurch for 3 weeks now although it feels like 3 days - the time has gone so fast.

We managed to get across to Akaroa yesterday and spent the spectacularly wonderful clear blue day wandering in and out of what must be some of the loveliest shops in the country and then enjoying one of the best feeds of fish and chips we have had in a long time at the fish and chip shop on the waterfront.
We dined on elephant fish which is an odd looking sand shark. Its bloody good when its fresh and it was. the batter was very light and crispy and it was not pre cooked but battered and fried as you watched.
We bought a bottle of Olive oil from Little River for $9 that we would pay $20 for elsewhere. On our way home we bought some cheese from Barrys Bay that creates our favourite Barrys Bay peppered Havarti.

We left our wonderful accomodation today - the salubrious Centre Point on Colombo Motel owned by Jeff and Naomi Peters. Jeff is a prolific and skilled user of social media and can be found on twitter at @centrepntmotel

It is undoubtedly one of the nicest motels we have stayed at anywhere in New Zealand. Its one of the best appointed but its the service from Jeff and Naomi that sets it apart.

So we were surprised but delighted when we checked out today to get a " house warming " prezzy of some lovely cheese and crackers and pickles from Jeff and Naomi. The cheese is from the Cheesemongers which we are happy to report is less than 100 feet from the apartment thats to be our home till the end of October. We got to know Jeff purely through twitter on @centrepntmotel He is a good family man and an ardent supporter of Christchurch. It's people of his calibre that will see this city through its tough times.

We are looking forward to sharing our cheesy bounty with our workmates. However we might just keep the fact we have a slice of roquefort a secret.


gravedodger said...

You sampled a little of why some of us have chosen this that I call paradise for our active retirement.
A truly amazing place, glad you enjoyed your day.

CW said...

Aaaaah,Akaroa,Duveuchelles, Ti kao Bay, Okains Bay..... mmmmmmm Although Akaroa is the only place I lost my togs while swimming. But, that's a whole other story.

Duncan said...

You should pay Lyttelton a visit - great town taking it hard...stop in @ Fisherman's Wharf and tell Lloyd I (Duncan) sent you...have a coffee @ Samo on Canterbury Street...and if on a Saturday mos def go to the Lyttelton Farmers Market on Oxford St in the Lyttelton Main School grounds - good for all sorts of things & stop by Marie's place Portico on London Street for supa good stuff...and if in the evening hours I think the Wunderbar has re-opened....

Oswald Bastable said...

That is a good F&C shop!