Friday, 19 August 2011


We thought that the Abstain for the All Back Campaign was actually designed to put a spark in the All Black Campaign in a perverse sort of a way. It was so naff that the public would design their own campaign - sort of an organic marketing approach.

In essence the abstain campaign would spawn a community supported risque version.

Well despite the demise of the Abstain campaign, we would like to launch the unofficial - Lets Root for the All Blacks.

Cactus and I will be the Patrons.. Anyone keen to ruck it up for the RWC2011? Pass the Balls anyone?


B.S. said...

Patrons ? No doubt a titular role with no actual engagement in the trusts activities :-)

I am sure there will be no shortage of willing donors ready to take things in hand and shoot into the hoop. said...

Very good.

Anonymous said...

Take one up the farter for Dan Carter!