Monday, 8 August 2011

Michael Laws Attacked ( Mars Attacks! )

Walking to work this morning I passed the headline : " Michael Laws Attacked " .

Wikipedia lists his accomplishments. They include:

"In 2010, Laws became the second broadcaster from New Zealand (after Paul Henry) to be accused of making "racist" remarks against politician Anand Satyanand.[8"

"In 2011, Laws made written and spoken comments on an incident in Christchurch, involving a young man with Asperger syndrome who was arrested for minor theft in the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. He was widely criticized for his unsympathetic remarks about the case, saying that the 25 year-old was "bloody lucky that he received only a black eye" whilst in police custody.[11]"

This is the second (at least) appearance Michael Laws has made in the newspapers in the last week.

Recently there were the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Liggins Institute , named after Sir Graham 'Mont' Liggins who is described below in a Guardian obituary:

"Graham "Mont" Liggins, who has died aged 84, developed a life-saving treatment for premature babies, after showing that foetal lung maturation could be speeded up by administering a steroid. This gave babies born with lungs that were not functioning properly a chance to breathe and survive. His research changed medical practice and saved hundreds of thousands of lives."

What type of New Zealander do we wish to celebrate ?


Anonymous said...

Very good.

Writer Of The Purple Sage said...

"What type of NZer do we want to celebrate?" Well, jeez, can we at least celebrate SOMEONE?
Nancy Wake, the world-famous kiwi heroine of WWII (spy, saboteur, rescuer of hundreds of Allied personnel) passed away this week.
But unlike MANY other countries, New Zealand (the country she was proud to call 'home') NEVER gave this amazing woman ANY form of official recognition!!!
An absolute DISGRACE!!!
What is so screwed with the kiwi mentality, when we never celebrate our 'greats'...unless they chase a bloody oval ball!

Anonymous said...

True @writer of the purple sage