Monday, 8 August 2011


We have a bloody job to do this coming weekend - its time for a spot of killin. We have a few chooks - two purebred silky hens - a family of 4 feather footed femme fatale banties and an ugly hen and her assortment of 9 chicks from several fathers.

The mother was obviously a hen hussy.

A few weeks ago we worked out that in her brood of nine was 4 red roosters - ugly buggers they are - to a feather.

Hens are not cuddly creatures - in fact they are vicious and as we watched the largest rooster shag the littlest pullet - he was marked for the pot. He is called Trev. He pecks the crap out of the hen till she submits - then the actual deed of loving lasts a nanosecond then he pecks the crap out of them again just to remind them of who boss.

So its off with his head.

Then the next rooster for the chop is Parker- he has got cross eyes and he shags the pullets around the back of the shed . Out of sight - and the only reason you know he has done something is when the wee pullets screech horribly and run for the sanctuary of the open paddock as Parker only seems to be at his best behind the shed.

Next for the chop is Cunners - a long necked lean mean prancer with an undershot beak. He will crow away and sneak up on the pullet and then quietly retreat without the pullet even realising she has been shagged over properly.

Then there is Phil. He is for the chop cos he doesn't shag at all - he doesnt know how - He crows but its a thin reedy whiny sort of crow and none of the hens take any notice of him. And the other three roosters are happy to indulge in some bi-chicken P (pecking)and D (discipline ) with Phil as the bottom - All behind the shed of course.

Our mate has a lovely Araucana rooster called John we are going to buy and when all our little red hens mate with him their lovely wee chicks will lay nice blue eggs.

Genetics at its finest.

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