Thursday, 11 August 2011

French adulterer or curing your mum's Alzheimers ?

"Taxpayers are going to pick up a $10 million bill to help ensure overseas leaders have a good time here during the rugby world cup.

The guest list is yet to be announced, but Princes William and Harry are expected,along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy." - TV3

"Dr Istvan Abraham
University of Otago, Dunedin
ANGELS as a Potential Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
36 months" - Health Research Council

To save you pulling out your calculator that is 450 months of research. Might save a few mums and dads.

Could have been worse but Tau Henare kicked Trevor Mallard's mausoleum to touch. Well not really Tau Henare but it was too good a pun to miss.

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Anonymous said...

Is it really the tax payers paying the tab or the Chinese? Because, we're in debt, remember?