Wednesday, 24 August 2011


The courageous Whaleoil was challenged by Trevor Mallard to a cycle Race and the rest, as they say is history. Despite Whale training hard - Mallard won.

We said we would put the magnum of Bubbles we were originally given as the consolation prize in the veuve competition up for the winner - we thought that Whale would win - he didnt. Cactus was happy to put up $1000.
She will be feeling the loss much more keenly than us.

So today a perky little Lambcut delivered a very big bottle of Veuve clicquot to the Duck at Parliament.

It was delivered with a note -

"Congrats on your win - Savour the Veuve now. Doubt if you will be celebrating much come November "- From the team at Roarprawn.


jabba said...

I must say that Cactus didn't look too happy and that was before the 1st lap had been completed

B.S. said...

The loyalty of Cactus to her mate is admirable. Given Duck is an experienced cyclist (though injured one)and Whale adiposely challenged it was not a wise one. Is a donation to the Labour Party deductible ?

Lambcut said...

I thought Cactus and Busted Blonde had taken leave of their senses to wager on the oily orca. Perhaps they really are secret Labour party supporters. I hear Labour is well known for finding novel ways to avoid proper recording of its party donations and election spending.