Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winston's First or Last Act for Our NZ ?

Saw this in the Tell John Key to stick his ETS Facebook group:

"W*** R***: It's not a free country because we don't own our own money supply, OURNZ is the only party with the intent to solve this and a valid solution. Most of our politicians are either idiots or sell outs, with the exception of Winston, a couple in Act and a couple others, but NO other party will stand against fractional reserve banking, and for sovereign control of our money supply, hence we are not a country but a company 7 hours ago · 1 person"

Glad to see OURNZ is modelling itself on Winston (First) , and the (Last) ACT Party and hope they go well with their plans for getting a white man to win Te Tai Tokerau.

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