Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Sir Loin thinks that Fat people are easy targets. He is right. No one in their right mind wants to be unhealthy and in the main chubbies are not healthy.

Im chubby. Nuff said.

nThe first few weeks in Christchurch saw long days and quick meal fixes required - the takeaway shop got a fair hammering. It was not helped by the fact that they were the best damned fish and chips we have had in ages. The motel only has a microwave so that limited our options and a girl can only have so many baked beans.

About 6 years ago we went on a health kick - ate good food - backed up by a weekly shame meeting at Weightwatchers and a big Xtrainer. We only ever did about 15 mins of exercise every night but it was at a high resistance so the sweat dripped at pace.

We walked down stairs. We walked everywhere. We drank bugger all.

We lost 2okgs in about 3 months.

Sadly we have put it all back on.

So a stint in Christchurch has given us a great opportunity to shed a bit of lard. So we hired a X Trainer.

We started on Sunday night - its night three. We love it - we can still stay glued to the TV for a bit of mindless stress cleansing and we huff and puff and bounce around. Must say having bog norks necessitates wearing some cast iron corsetry or risk bruised boozies.

For us we view exercise the same way as most people view masturbation.. Something best done in the privacy of your own home.

We have never fiddled with our fiddly bits in public and we wont huff and puff and have our bountiful boozies bounce around in full view either.

Only thing is the X trainer has developed a bit of a squeak so we hope it lasts the distance as its got quite a distance to go.

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B.S. said...

Putting "masturbation" into your tag cloud is a guaranteed way of getting found on Google.