Thursday, 18 August 2011


Brunette wrote earlier this week that she is getting all hot and bothered in her Christchurch apartment. While Sir Loin is still unclear what norks are, Brunettes commitment is admired.

Society makes strong moral judgement about the overweight: they lack will power and indulge themselves by eating too much and not exercising enough. Thin people are stronger and superior to fat people. While being overweight can be unhealthy , this judgement is also a social construct. A person starving to death in Ethiopia would no doubt love to be overweight.

Recent research shows that being fat may stem less from an individuals love of rich food and more from their mothers love of pies.

"In the current study, the team measured the epigenetic state (the degree of chemical modification) of DNA in umbilical cord tissue from nearly three hundred children and showed that this strongly predicted the degree of obesity at six or nine years of age. What surprised the researchers was the size of the effect - children vary in how fat they are, but measurement of the epigenetic change at birth allowed the researchers to predict 25% of this variation. This association is much stronger than explanations of obesity based on heredity and lifestyle." - NZ Doctor

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