Monday, 25 August 2008

2008 or 1984 ? not all media are equal.....

Im an old journo, and find the blogosphere a fascinating place - I can see what Harvey is trying to do but it offends my sensibilities. The press these days includes all the traditional sources print, radio, the blogs and internet news sites and e-zines etc.

Saying the internet media can not use the names in a high profile trial is a bit like saying the Herald can report the name but the Dom cant cos the Dom gives you more of a story.

It is a vexing question though and I wonder if we end up having to sequester juries away for the duration of a trial - seems to be the only way that these days you can guarantee they wont get tainted by the info that is so easily at our disposal in so many ways.

And what about email and text ?

Hey you could ask your mates via a text to find out about a defendant and in a short time you would have all the answers you want. ( I have used that one before - it works )
So I understand Harvey's reasoning - just think that its bloody impossible and wont actually achieve what he wants… ten points for trying though - tainted juries are becoming a big problem.

Food for thought - How the hell is the jury that sits in judgement on Tony Veitch going to work out whats the go after all the stuff thats available in all forms of media of which blogs and the netnews sites like Scoop are two?


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Your post is a lot more polite than mine :)


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