Monday, 11 August 2008

crustacea go deeper

Well this is all a bit new

- I've been posting for a while but its time to unleash my limited wit and wisdom on the world. Blogging offers such a great intellectual bonfire on which to burn our vanities

I was a journalist - not a bad one I suppose and I know i still think like one. and thats an interesting point cos som many of todays journos dont think like journalists but many bloggers do so that why I think I am comfortable opining in this ether.

Im in PR - although I hate that term. We do communications good bad simple or sophisticated that is all it really is.

I love politics and I am def right of centre but the National party does piss me off sometime.

I am foodie and a very committed militant carnivore.

Im not all that well connected but I do know the odd person who is .

Anyway what is piqueing my interest is the winston dramas. He is the spot that needs outed.

So with this blog I do pledge info on food - especially how to cook raw prawns,

info on wellington gossip, and well a well placed comment on anything that rocks my dinghy.

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homepaddock said...

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Great to have another right of centre voice and it's a bonus that you're also intereted in farming.

BTW the web address took me to a warning that the content on your blog may contain content suitable for adults. I clicked continue with some hesitation so am relieved to find prawn rather than porn.