Thursday, 28 August 2008

picking the narcissis

If everyone is expecting WP to resign - it wont happen - he will have to be pushed and pushed hard. How can you expect honour from someone who has no honour?

And Winston likes the limelight - he is a narcissist.

Yesterday was an astounding day in NZ politics. As a few friends mused over a bottle of red at the end of the day it was clear we agreed that Rodney had done a fine job in mortally wounding Winston despite the stonewalling of a desperate government .

Then our blackberries chorused in unison with the news that John Key had cut him loose.

It led to more wine drinking - but we are holding off on the champagne until he is done for.

There are still more revelations to play out over the next few days and it will be interesting to see how many of Winstons own party decide to cut him loose. by the end of the week they will wish they had made the call to distance themselves a lot earlier.

Last night TV3 played a tape that TVone couldnt play for " legal reasons" during the scampi inquiry.
It alleges that a Simunovich skipper was ordered to lie to the select committee.

Rodney tried to read out the transcript in parliament but was stonwalled by a desperate Peters.

He is desperate not to have it aired because if it is investigated further and he can be linked to Simunovichs then - well you can work out the rest.

That tape may well have been enough to have turned the tide of the scampi select committee if it had been played a few years back. Alas it wasn't and the lives of many good men where irrivocably changed for the worse.

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