Tuesday, 26 August 2008

SFO must investigate

The one thing I worry about is that somehow the people who have proved to be the meisters of political corruption will somehow get to the SFO. What many people dont realise is at the time of the scampi scandal there were threats of violence from some of the players involved.

Friends of mine witnessed some threatening behaviour from some of the players towards me on one occasion that left them shaken. In a way i was glad it happened - it showed how nasty they were.

I have been close to this since the saga first unfolded and was, in part, responsible for the " outing " of Ross Meurant and his subsequent resignation as Winstons bag man.

It wasnt an easy time but my loyalty to a few men whom I believe are the victims of this sorry business remains strong. They are very good men, honest, forthright and they trusted that they would eventually get what they believed was rightly theirs and that those who relied on corruption to engineer a travesty would, one day, get theirs.

What people need to realise is that good men are dead because of what the scandal did to them financially. People have fled the country and others have protection orders against some of the central characters in this saga.

It was all about $130m of prawns and power.

The ponies came later......

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