Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The speaker needs a smack with a dead scampi

Todays question time in parliament was a disgraceful episode in our history. Yet again Winston Peters has manipulated the house to keep the people of New Zealand from hearing what Rodney believes they need to know. So here it is.

It was simple - Rodney wanted to know how the PM felt about the fact that the SFO has been presented with evidence from a NZ businessman, that he was privy to Winston telling the scampi barons that he would hide the evidence that he had on them that showed they had corrupted the select committiee process, if the scampi barons stumped up $50k.

Simple really - Winston leaned on parliamentary privilege and said the question could not be asked because it relates to a $30m defamation case that Winston has out on some media and some some members of the fishing fraternity.

The speaker buckled. But this story will not go away and for once the journalists will have seen something that is not familiar to them - fear in the eyes of Winston Peters and that should ensure that they will chase this story down once and for all and stop treating winston as some colorful old oncle.

This matter is about Winston and his history of corruption but also about the seafood industry and how its quota system was manipulated to line the purses of just a few.


Anonymous said...

To excuse an awful pun there is something very fishy about the so called scampi affair I believe there was massive corruption at the highest levels and that it was covered up Time for some disinfectant


Keeping Stock said...

Great post bustedblond - Peters was like a possum in the headlights today, and maybe he realisaes that the game is up.

dad4justice said...

Great blog and comment, Parliament is a total shambles and a disgrace to common sense,honest principles and integrity.

How could it plummet into the sewer like this? Shame on the scum in the Beehive! Hang them all and start again please MAD speaker.

Anonymous said...

Well done BB. The more of us there are telling the truth, the more he has to sue. And if he sues those of us who know where the bodies are buried, we get to tell what we know protected by legal privilege :-)

euminedes said...

yip Rex you are onto it. might head down to the house today...