Monday, 11 August 2008

the mysterious NZ party finances just get mysteriouser

Well, well it get curiouser and curiouser - the NZ First troika.

David Fisher writes an article in the Listener that again raises some very interesting machinations of the NZ First party machine which appears to be split into 3. Well worth a read.

There is still much more to come in the scampi saga - more paper trails , and there is talk of some ink drying on some pretty explosive affidavits .

some questions for the MSM journalists.

Where is Ross Meurant?
Has anyone asked Brian Deadman what he did with his scampi quota?
What did Winston Peters say to Neil Penwarden outside the fisheries select committee hearing into the scampi quota that left him shaken?
Why did Winston get rid of Doug Woolerton off the committee and was it before or after Velas empire gave him a $150k?
How many of Winstons original backers still back him and of those who dont why wont they ?
Does Tommy Gear know the Vela's?

Who is the latest person to give some paperwork to the Serious Fraud office?

Who was Winstons big South Island backer?

And who said " I own him" and why?


Anonymous said...

Go to it BB.

I must admit - I've been intrigued by the little tidbits you've posted on KB and Whaleoil.

Is Winston toast?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere BB. Fascinating stuff. One can never have enough recipes for fish head stew I find (though I too declined an invitation from the same source to indulge). You did decline, I hope?

euminedes said...

well considering i am also Ngai Tahu fish heads done in the traditional way have been a favorite food - Winston is the whitest maori I know - his poncy recipe held no allure for me.... and yes I have been watching what the prick did to you... i have seen how he treats the women he has been with - and it aint pretty - as you will well know.

Anonymous said...

Goodness I hope I'm not treated that badly 8-) Ahh partial to fish heads hmm? Can't say I've ever been tempted though I've tried everything else up to an including rotten corn. I do miss a god hangi and especially fried bread. "They can keep their bloody croissants and baguettes, just give me some fried bread!" he cried.