Monday, 11 August 2008

best scampi dish

And i get the odd request for scampi recipes .. in the middle of the scampi scandal i was lucky enough to be given a weekly supply of scampi - it was scampi seconds - which was fantastic as it was done up in 500gm packs of nothing but tail meat - no shells - no heads.

There were two ways we cooked it - one was courtesy of my son who spent a bit of time on the briny. It was simple - dice the meat finely and then cook it as you would whitebait - simple and sublime..

otherwise it was a case of saute a little bit of garlic and some chilli and chuck in the meat and let them chase each other around the plate until they were all friends..

Winston gave me a recipe for snapper heads one night - it involved oven bags, wine lots of herbs. We nicknamed him the marshmallow after that - all brown on the outside and white on the middle -

for the record best fish heads recipe

the biggest blue cod heads you can find - a bloody big white onion - a pinch of mixed herbs and salt and pepper to taste - best bits are the cheeks the tongue throat and or course the eyes they are sublime... go on give it a go!

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