Monday, 25 August 2008

one good man and true

The Dominion Post editorial sums up the moral bankruptcy that political parties are facing with an impending election
"Party leaders might be surprised at the kudos they would attract if they mutually agreed neither party would treat with him after this year's election.
That would be a stand of principle. But "principle" is a foreign word to most MPs, including Mr Peters. Mr Hide is fighting a lonely but dogged battle to make the NZ First leader accountable, and that is a disgrace." go the Dom.

That pretty much sums it up.

The trouble is, as the gap between Labour and National decreases, the more their testicles will seek the solace of their kidneys.

Russell Norman, the verdant terrier has shown that years of vegetarianism has kept his teeth in good nick and he is prepared to chomp on the rump of winston.

But in essence, Rodney is a man alone on the hill with Norman perhaps yapping at his heels .

However there are many many people who have had enough of the creeping corruption that is Winston Peters so we can only hope that Rodney et al in the seafood and racing games give the SFO enough ammunition to launch a decent inquiry, so that this time we are rid of the Spot on our political fabric once and for all.

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