Monday, 11 August 2008

best food in Wellington

I eat out a bit - and one thing I get asked a lot is where is the best place to eat?

Well if you want a small but perfectly formed entree you cannot go past the duck pie at Zicos on Courtney Place - the ingredients are few but in perfect balance and the pastry - its not really pastry it cant be because it melts on your tongue leaving a gentle memory of something that is crafted not cooked.

The sad thing is you have to know about the pie. Its not available to everyone - just a few regulars and only on request.

Copitas smoky arancini balls are another delight.. smokey and lush.

and dockside has got a bit average in the food department but nothing surpasses simple food and when the boys are in a good mood they serve whitebait fritters served in minuscule whitebread sammies - just like you get on the west coast.. no frills apart from a sprig of parsley.

ahh i could go on.

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