Friday, 29 August 2008

Its still about scampi

and Queen Bee understands. Yip the greens have their hemp undies round their ankles on this one.

Less that 50% of the scampi quota has been fished this year. Boats are tied up. The beds are a mess.

The fishery is stuffed. And the same "science" that was used to develop our " sustainable" hoki quota was used to develop the scampi quota.

The question for the business reporters is did Sanfords buy a lemon when they bought simunovich fisheries?

Shaun Plunkets interview on RNZ this morning was one of his finest. He is a pleasure to listen to. It was almost like a boxing match- winnie was on the ropes dazed and confused.

It should be used as a training tape for all young journos...


Spaz said...

Who is John Keys?
I trust you are more careful with your alleged "facts."

euminedes said...

you old grammar nazi you.....