Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Is Dis Belief

I am being treated for illness that has a 15% fatality rate. That is good because it means that 85% of patients will survive this disease to die of something else. It does however mean that I am always looking for something that will give me an edge.

What I have is an illness of the brain chemistry. When the illness is not kept under control by medication it can feel as if there are demons within me. In 15% of people with this illness those demons lead them to either take their own lives or act in ways that have fatal consequences.

I was seeing my doctor last week , as I do every week, and I asked her how I could get an edge on the disease. My doctor is a Christian and she knows I am an atheist. I guess she is also in a position where she has to be careful not impose her personal beliefs on me.

She asked me if I really wanted to know. I said I did. She asked me again, if I really,really wanted to know. I insisted that I did. She said that I needed to put my life in the hands of Christ.

The following day it was pouring with rain. It was very dark. I walked into a church at the top of the street I had lived in for a decade. It was empty, I walked up the center aisle and sat down on a pew. I sat quietly waiting for Christ to suddenly appear. As far as I could see he did not. I knelt down and did something I have not done for forty years: I prayed. I felt nothing.

I don't know what I was expecting but I am glad I did it. It felt good to give it a go, to look an issue differently. To not be fixed in one point of view. Sitting & then kneeling in a church and praying to an entity that may or may not exist did me no harm at all. Just as considering the viewpoint of AGW deniers does me no harm even if the science indicates that they are wrong.


Wise Up said...

You have my best wishes regarding your illness. The fact that our views on AGW differ doesn't mean that I wish you ill will.
Let's assume for the sake of it that humans are causing temperature rises from our CO2 emissions. Do you think the schemes of governments around the world are going to make any difference?
The world emits about 35 billion tonnes CO2 per year. Carbon trading currently prices it at $US20 per tonne, so $US700 billion worth of carbon will be traded per year.
As with any commodity trading a lot of people get rich for zero actual production. The thing with this is that the money these people gain is coming from you and me. Additionally the manufacturing base simply shifts to China, who see this as an opportunity for economic growth, so there is no overall reduction in emissions.

The question of whether CAGW is proven or real or whatever is kind of moot. It is noise. The actions taken in the name of AGW do nothing but enrich a few from the pockets of the rest, with no real positive outcomes for the environment AT ALL.

The environment would have been far far better off without the Copenhagen conference with everyone flying in and renting limos. Is Al Gore really worried about AGW? He still has his private jet and has recently bought coastal property, so I don't think he is.

Who's the denier, really?

mojo said...

An 'illness of the brain chemistry??'

FijiDave said...

I agree with Wise Up 100%.

Just when I was thinking that I was reading a post that any person with a normal level of compassion could emphasise with, the inclusion of Al Gore's Weather drivel had to cancel the whole post.

What the heck has AGW got to do with your illness?

You're making me crook now.